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Lucky Dip Cake

Cat Food Cakes

Lucky Dip Cake


Can't decide? In a rush? Love every cake we've made? This is your chance to order your very own piece of edible art! 

All you need to do is choose your size, let us know any ingredients you definitely don't like, and make us aware of any dietary requirements or allergies you have and we'll work our magic! 

The flavour and design will be decided by us completely at random. This is amazing value for you, and gives us a chance to go "Full On Cat Food Cakes" and surprise you with a really unique, fun, over-the-top cake (Or something more classy... who knows!!) 

We won't tell you anything about the cake before you receive it, because it would ruin the surprise! (Don't look at our instagram the day before, just incase!) 

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