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Matcha Showstopper Cake

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Matcha Showstopper Cake


We LOVE Matcha Green Tea in desserts! This cake actually came to us in a dream one night in the early days of Cat Food when we had fun little market stalls and pop ups all over London, we baked this cake the very next day for all our friends to enjoy! 

This is a high quality Japanese Matcha Green Tea sponge cake, filled and frosted with morello cherry buttercream and dark chocolate ganache. We decorate with our signature chocolate ganache drip, fresh cherries and pocky sticks. 

(when cherries arenot available due to seasonality we do have to substitute for strawberries, which still look great!) 

If you would like to add any extra decoration, a photo topper, or a custom flavour - please order a customised cake. 

Delivery or collection is available Tuesday - Saturday. Please note that 7 days notice is required for all orders. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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