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Nutella Overload Cake

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Nutella Overload Cake


This is our current favourite, and inspired by every young person under the age of 10 who has asked us for an "easter egg" on their Birthday cake! It's also quite a fun nostalgic cake for those of us who grew up coveting Kinder Eggs and having Nutella on toast for breakfast. 

This is a massive Belgian Chocoalte sponge cake, filled with smooth Nutella buttercream, belgian chocolate ganache and roasted chopped hazelnuts. We overload the cake with Kinder Eggs, Kinder Bueno, and mini Kinder Chocolate Bars. 

This cake is a set design. If you would like to add any extra decoration, or order a customised cake, please get in touch for a quote.

 Delivery or collection is available Tuesday - Saturday. Please note that 7 days notice is required for all orders. 

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