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Can I contact Cat Food Cakes by Telephone?

We are a super small team, and we work irregular hours, so we have decided it would be best not to have a phone line that we can't answer. Please e-mail us - - we check our e-mails approximately every 20-30 minutes throughout the day, inbetween baking all our cake orders & deliveries. 

Does Cat Food do weddings?

Yes! We can provide tiered cakes, layer cakes, dessert tables, small treats, meringues, anything your wildest sweet toothed dreams desire! We don't charge extra if you are ordering our standard layer cakes - just order from our website. If you have a hankering for something more specific, please send us an e-mail to 

Does Cat Food Cakes deliver? 

YES! Tuesday - Saturday. In London we deliver to Zones 1, 2 & 3. This obviously covers our time & fuel, we don't make a profit on our deliveries. If you have selected to have your cake delivered, we will arrange a time with you 2-3 days before your celebration/event. Further details are available here:

When can I collect my order? 

We usually bake the cake the day before your required collection time, we are usually at the bakery from 10am - at least 7pm Tues - Fri. On Saturdays we are usually in the bakery from 9.30am - 4.30pm. 

Does Cat Food make vegan cakes? 

YES! We are experts at baking vegan cakes. We use soya products for our cakes so please e-mail us if you need a soya free version. 

Does Cat Food make gluten-free cakes?

YES! We bake and decorate our gluten free cakes separately to our standard range - there is a minimal chance of cross-contamination but we haven't had any complaints so far. 

Can I order a different flavour to those listed? 

YES! Obviously there are thousands of options available with regards to a cake flavour, so please e-mail us your ideas to 

Will you make an exact copy of a cake I've seen on Pinterest or Instagram? 

Unfortunately not. We get dozens of requests, especially for unicorn cakes or designs made from fondant. In short: we do not make exact copies of cakes, but we do love inventing new designs and having fun in the bakery! Please ask the original designer for a recommendation for a bakery nearby if you need a cake you've seen on the internet, it's the most 

 Does Cat Food offer a wholesale or cafe supply service? 

Yes! We supply a few coffee shops, restaurants & pubs already. Drop us a line on 

What is the cancellation policy on cake orders?

3 days notice is required to be able to offer a full refund. It may be possible to reschedule the order with 24 hours notice, depending on the perishable ingredients we have ordered for you. 

 I don't like my cake, can I have a refund?

Please return the cake to us within 24 hours of collection/delivery and we will assess wether we can adjust the cake or offer a refund (partial or full depending on the state of the cake and situation)