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Edible Flower Cakes

For years I have been adding edible flowers to cakes. They're so pretty, and a lot less effort than using sugarpaste! My favourites are pansies and sweet williams.  Use them as toppers for cupcakes with freeze dried fruit powders for a classy, grown up treat. They're almost tropical looking so would be perfect for a summer garden party.    I love using flower petals as sprinkles. These cakes are really elegant, but still represent the more fun side of cake decorating! Great for a grown up shindig, or maybe even a cute baby shower cake?    Thinking of ordering a...

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New Pastel Cakes Range

As one of Brockley's premiere cake makers I am asked to make cakes for such a wide variety of celebrations from a small Birthday party to a Wedding with 200+ guests. I am always striving to be able to provide memorable cakes at great value, hopefully my new range of pastel coloured cakes will fit the bill!    Not only do these cakes look great just as they are, they can be styled up to suit whatever you are celebrating whether it be a 1st Birthday, a Baby Shower or a Wedding. A few sparklers, a cake topper, or your...

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Harry Potter Cakes!

Harry Potter Cakes - recipe for Butterbeer cake!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Cat Food

We've been a proper business for just over a year! Woohoo!  It's been a yummy roller coaster filled with hundreds upon hundreds of cupcakes & brownies, as well as being given the opportunity to explore desserts, pastry, and ingredients we've always been desperate to try but could never afford to give them a go!  What's next? We want to take on more personal orders... so we need a super duper online shop to make it as easy as possible for customers to get their treats ordered & delivered asap! More giant drippy rainbow cakes covered in oreos and dipped pretzels...

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