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Edible Flower Cakes

For years I have been adding edible flowers to cakes. They're so pretty, and a lot less effort than using sugarpaste! My favourites are pansies and sweet williams. 

Use them as toppers for cupcakes with freeze dried fruit powders for a classy, grown up treat. They're almost tropical looking so would be perfect for a summer garden party. 

Vegan Cupcake with Edible Flowers


I love using flower petals as sprinkles. These cakes are really elegant, but still represent the more fun side of cake decorating! Great for a grown up shindig, or maybe even a cute baby shower cake? 

Edible Flower Sprinkles

Cake with Edible Flower Sprinkles


Thinking of ordering a wedding cake? Edible flowers look great on so many different designs - anything from a rustic naked cake to a gorgeous vegan pastel ombre cake! 


Naked Cake with Edible FlowersPink Ombre Tiered Cake Wedding Cake with Edible Flowers

Bright Ombre Tiered Cake Wedding Cake with Edible Flowers

Pastel Ombre Vegan Tiered Cake Wedding Cake with Edible Flowers


Please make sure when using non-edible flowers that you ensure you prepare and tape them properly, there are lots of tutorials on youtube. Although most organic types of edible flowers are suitable for vegan and gluten free cakes, please check with your supplier as some pesticides and fertilizers might not be suitable. 

Reccomended Suppliers:

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